Jeetesh Vaishya

Jeetesh Vaishya is an Indian entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author based in Mumbai, India. He is the founder & CEO of Buzzmore Media Private Limited, a Mumbai-based digital marketing and PR agency that specializes in Internet marketing, Public Relations, Media placements, Web design & development, personal branding, and marketing strategy. With a clientele of over 500 clients in India and overseas, the entrepreneur has literally made an online brand presence and designed campaigns for small-scale brands, multinationals, influencers, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities.

He completed his higher education at R. D. National College, Bandra, and holds a Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Mumbai. He is also a Wikipedia Expert, with years of experience working over Wikipedia and was named Quora’s Top Writer in 2018. He holds great expertise in social media, Public Relations, building Google presence, online branding, and everything related to the digital world. He has been in the industry since 2016.

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